Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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AI Future

Why AI Is Neither the End of Civilization nor the Beginning of Nirvana

Where AI, robots, IoT and the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution are taking us, and how we should prepare for it are some of the hottest topics being discussed today. Perhaps the most striking thing...

Diversity – The Benefits of Being Uncomfortable

The topic of diversity is not one that most people find in their comfort zone. As I wrote in a previous article on diversity, increasing diversity often engenders frustration in those tasked with accomplishing...

Can we Rescue Diversity from its own Failings?

Don’t expect this to be either of the typical articles about diversity. I’m here not to fawn over its benefits nor to rant about who does or doesn’t get hired. I’m here, instead, to...
Innovation and curiosity

Innovative Businesses Have Curious Employees

Several comments in response to my recent competency-focused post led me to also consider the importance of curiosity in the workplace. Interestingly enough, recent experiences have given me a chance to see firsthand the...