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The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI
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“A whole-hearted humorous and realistic look at what the future of AI really means for everyone. Ivezics’ present a picture of AI that doesn’t very into science fiction or suggest that all the advancements in technology will just be forgotten. They explore what AI really means for general laborers and engineers while simultaneously poking fun the genius of it all. The main thesis for this book is how AI/technological transformation is the fourth industrial revolution and how it is the same or different from the others. The writers look at the coming of AI from an organic perspective suggesting that it will neither bring about the apocalypse or utopia it is simply a means or accomplishing menial tasks. The writers are also invested in outlining how businesses can utilize and understand AI without being frightened pf being out of a job.

Occasionally there are moments when the writers look at the potential for human beings to be the victors as an increase in AI performing menial labor tasks would give average workers the chance to be creative. Each chapter is well thought out, well developed, and incredibly informative.

For many of us AI is already a large part of our lives, even as we ignore it or use it to improve. This lack of knowledge about what counts as AI leads to foolish decisions or an improper knowledge of what is helping us or harming us. With this down-to-earth guide the average person has the chance to build a better knowledge of where AI is being placed and if it is improving our lives or not. Many companies using AI already use it to analyze data and review statistics at a rate that no human could. While AI is far from perfect, Marin and Luka Ivezic move their book away from racial discrimination, unemployment, and bigotry.

I loved reading The Future of AI! Each chapter covered interesting history and fleshed out errors is AI technology understanding. The Ivezics have done an excellent job of silencing fear mongering and getting straight to the facts. Above all I was entertained by the comic strips and engrossed in the detail given for each topic covered. The most wonderful thing about this book is that it could easily be re-read as standalone chapters or from cover to cover. If you have ever been curious about business, the future, or AI I would highly recommend you read this.” – Pacific Book Review (Review available here)


“In their debut nonfiction collaboration, Marin and Luka Ivezic, father and son, address the wide range of possibilities and challenges represented by AI.

The authors cite the inroads that AI has made into all aspects of modern life, from the world of investment to the practice of medicine to more mundane things, like everyday finance or automation (self-driving cars, planes that fly and land themselves). They contend that only businesses that have adapted and trained for the inevitable incorporation of AI will survive and thrive. Most likely, there will be no meaningful exceptions: “Even ‘knowledge workers’—engineers, physicians, scientists, lawyers and any other workers who, as business process consultant Thomas Davenport aptly puts it, basically ‘think for a living’—face the likelihood that parts of their current jobs will be automated by AI.” Any reader who’s required in-depth medical diagnostics in the last few years will be able to attest—perhaps uncomfortably—to how extensively this is already true, and likewise, anyone who’s dabbled in investing will know how much of the industry is now conducted by machines. But although the authors here are thorough in their extrapolations of what’s coming, they also seek to reassure their readers. “Are we then headed into a Dark Age where humans will be rendered obsolete?” they ask. “Again, the answer is a resounding, ‘No!’ AI and the other emerging technologies are not a step into a world that says, ‘No humans needed.’ ” The Ivezics expertly articulate the various complex ways AI can mesh with human entrepreneurship, pointing out that human intuition can counterbalance and enhance machine speed and precision specifically because it’s nonquantifiable.

A wide-ranging, accessible look at AI–related changes that are coming for virtually every profession in the 21st century.” — Kirkus Reviews (Review available here)

“Author team Marin Ivezic and Luka Ivezic present a really interesting work on the future implementations and business predictions of AI, and thankfully it is one which neither glorifies them nor predicts a total apocalypse. Rather, this is a practical and informative guide to what Artificial Intelligence already does for the finance, business and economics worlds, and what it will continue to develop into as technology improves. The narrative tone is professional and clear, delivering straight facts with as little technical jargon and overcomplication as possible. There is a wonderful sense of celebration for the social and creative talents of human beings too, which gives the piece a highly motivational quality overall and shows hope for the future rather than stagnation or replacement…” – 5 Stars by a Reader’s Favorite reviewer


“This well-structured and researched work describes the practical role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the world and the necessity of people to develop interpersonal skills…” – RECOMMENDED by the US Review of Books (Full review here)

As we continue to climb the technological ladder, one area that has remained controversial is the place of artificial intelligence or AI for short, and how it will affect humans. Granted that lots of books and articles have been written on this issue already, but none has been able to critically analyze AI and what it portends for humans like this book…“…”This book is a must read for leaders, top executives, and managers as well as every other person that wants to have a hint of what the future will be between humans and AI.”Official Review, (5 out of 5 stars)


‘The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI’ by Marin Ivezic and Luka Ivezic is an outstanding read.”…”With this fascinating overview of AI the authors discuss the skill sets business leaders must have to incorporate the benefits of AI – prospering from the changes to make the world better through the use of AI. This book is a must-read for business leaders, but it also is one of the more insightful and beneficial books for understanding the impact of AI. Very highly recommended.” – San Francisco Review of Books (Full review here)

“…I have seen many books written about the future technological advancements. But none of them provide informations better than this book. The concepts are crystal clear here…5/5 by Ultimate Reviewer (Full review here)


“… The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI: Preparing Your Leadership Skills for the AI-Shaped Future of Work is a resourceful book. It goes without saying that this book is a must-have for leaders who are aware of the impending effects of AI and even more specifically those who are unaware or still in doubt. The book was co-authored by Marin Ivezic and Luka Ivezic. The authors have vast experience in the implications of emerging technologies. This book not only proves their concern for the business world but also for everyone who will be affected by AI.

One fact that was emphasized by the authors is that we are on the cusp of dramatic change in how business, workplaces, and our very lives are carried out. Consequently, this became the premise upon which the rest of the discourse was based. The business leaders and all the other readers were reminded, through the use of factual examples, that artificial intelligence is already with them, it is not coming as widely held. The authors’ descriptions left no room for doubt concerning the implications of AI in the job place and mundane activities. Furthermore, the author adequately discussed the far-reaching consequences of the previous industrial revolutions. In this way, no one was left outside when it came to the impact of AI.

What I liked most about this book is that the authors debunked several myths concerning the impact of AI and other technologies. I was even more delighted because they did so in a way that dispelled unnecessary fears. The vague and unfounded assumptions presented by the Utopian, Dystopian and Organic perspectives on AI were disapproved using logical arguments. Thereafter, a clearer perspective was given. The authors dwelt mainly on how to prepare for the AI-shaped future. This was more appealing because it did not present AI as something that was beyond humanity, but that was going to complement its efforts. This reasoning was supported by historical facts from the previous industrial revolutions as well. The fact that leaders were encouraged to retrain employees to occupy positions that will be on-demand or will emerge was also endearing.

There is nothing I disliked about this book. It was both remarkable and informative. The book was also professionally edited. Therefore, I rate it 4 out of 4 stars. It will appeal most to leaders who are interested in reshaping their skills and repositioning their organizations in preparation for the implications of AI. I also recommend the book to students, researchers, and other ardent readers looking for books on the impact of AI and other emerging technologies.” – 4 out of 4 stars from the official review (Full review here)

Being a voracious reader, I read over 100 books in a year, although, I seldom come across a non-fiction book that totally captures me from start to end. The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI is one of those rare finds. Marin has put in a lot of thought while writing this book. The structure is so well organized that the content flows seamlessly from one topic to another. The language is simple which makes it easy to understand the theories and concepts detailed in the book. The content is extremely well researched with the backing of numerous surveys and facts…” – 5 Stars by a GoodReads reviewer (Full review here)


“…The author has taken the time to do some really detailed in depth research into the topic and has put together this book which is easy to follow and well presented. I found the read to be educational and thought provoking. If you have an interest in the future and the world of artificial intelligence, check this one out folks. It is worth your time.” – 5 Stars by a GoodReads reviewer (Full review here)

“…I was skeptical at first, but it ended up being the book I didn’t realize I needed until I started it. The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI avoids the pitfalls common of many technical texts by using clear, simple language and maintaining focus on the important concepts. This book is well written, concise, and organized in a way that keeps your attention and flows easily from one section to the next. Bite sized sections make reading this text easy and enjoyable, unlike many books of its kind. Since this book is not profession specific, it is useful for anyone. The authors cover not only what needs to be done to avoid as much fallout as possible, but tips on successfully implementing the changes to thrive where those who resist the change will fall behind” – 5 Stars by a GoodReads reviewer (Full review here)


“…AI is already here and it has come in simple forms and has been integrated in a way that is often invisible. The book is a good way to understand the topic as it discusses both sides of AI without being biased. Marin Ivezic and Luka Ivezic discuss the extent of AI in detail and in a structured manner, giving readers much-required clarity on the topic. The book is well organized, with an introduction, then the uses of AI today, three views about its future, its impact on the economy, the enormous changes that will happen in skill sets, both among leaders and managers, and among those they lead, how leaders need more human skills than they had in the past, and driving changes as innovators and motivators. The Future Of Leadership In The Age Of AI gives readers a broader view of AI’s perspectives without any exaggeration. The book is an eye-opener and the comic strips at the beginning of the chapters lighten the topic that follows. It is a refreshing, interesting, knowledgeable and insightful book.” – 5 Stars by a Reader’s Favorite reviewer

The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI: Preparing Your Leadership Skills for the AI-Shaped Future of Work by Marin Ivezic and Luka Ivezic is a fascinating insight into an inevitable future, one that we cannot ignore and must learn to embrace wholeheartedly. The only businesses that will thrive in the new world are those who can adapt to change and adapt their leadership skills to support a changing workforce. This is a really well-written book and is clearly brilliantly researched. It is easy to read and understand and provides the positive side of AI as well as discussing potential negativity that AI could bring about.” – 4 Stars by a Reader’s Favorite reviewer


“Author Marin Ivezic presents a level-headed and calmly competent prediction for the future of business and society in conjunction with AI in The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI: Preparing Your Leadership Skills for the AI-Shaped Future of Work. From exploring the potential paths of this technology to preparing one’s professional skillset for this inevitable transition, this book is straightforward and logical, preferring measurable fact to dystopian fear. The structure of the book lends itself to easy comprehension, even for those unfamiliar with the industry jargon, and the author’s personality comes across strongly. Ivezic is a trustworthy and experienced voice that readily breaks complex possibilities into widely accessible ideas.” – Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★½

“There’s a storm on the horizon called Artificial Intelligence. This book is mandatory reading to understand and prepare for the changes…” – 4 Stars by Reedsy (Full review here)


“…Marin and Luka Ivezic’s The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI: Preparing Your Leadership Skills for the AI-Shaped Future of Work is a must-read for all as it discusses something that everyone has to deal with. As we fear for our jobs in the age of Artificial Intelligence, the authors present a realistic approach to the issue. Informative, systematic and enlightening, the book presents a logical and interesting approach: to capitalize on our strengths as humans to thrive in the new order. The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI helps us position ourselves so that we develop skills that robots are unable to do. For young readers, this book should be required reading because they will be the ones that will have to live, not compete, with robots as we experience the far-reaching effects of the Fourth Revolution.” – 5 Stars by a Reader’s Favorite reviewer

The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI at Amazon Kindle The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI at Barnes and Noble The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI at Apple Books The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI at Google Play Books The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI at Kobo

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